Board room software is a great tool to plan board meetings. The software includes features that simplify the preparation of meetings, improve collaboration and communication during events, and assist with activities after meetings. It also offers the highest level of security to protect information and prevent unauthorized access.

Additionally to that, the portal also provides extensive audit logs that include minute-to major information on all board activities including logins, views as well as annotations, edits and much more. Administrators can use this information to quickly spot any areas which require improvement. This means they can make sure that only authorized users have access rights to sensitive documents, and keep the platform secure from unauthorised intruders.

Video conferencing technology that is interactive and immersive is also available. This makes it simpler to collaborate in real time during virtual meetings. Moreover, the system can allow participants to use their devices for voting and pitching during the event. It can also sync calendars to automatically alert participants of upcoming events and reminders.

Board portals also allow for document management prior to, and after meetings. This allows directors to review the materials prior to each meeting and access them easily during the meeting. This helps directors save time and be better prepared for meetings. The system can save all relevant documents in a secure area that allows directors and administrators to keep all changes and updates made to existing documents. Any changes or updates are immediately reported on the dashboard of the board members, making sure that nobody misses any new information.